3” auto cutter thermal kiosk printer mechanism

Compatible with Epson M-T532

Easy paper loading

180°paper feeding

Support labels and receipt paper printing

High printing speed at 220mm/s

Partial/full cutting type

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Model YC532
Printing parameters Method Thermal dot line printing
Number of dots/line 640
Resolution (dots/mm) 8
Printing width (mm) 72~80
Max printing speed 220mm/s
Paper feed pitch (mm) 0.125
Paper parameters Paper type Thermal receipt paper/label paper
Paper width (mm) 80±0.2
Paper Thickness(μm) 56-150
Recommended paper PD160R (OJI Paper CO.,LTD.)
Detection functions Head temperature detection Via Thermistor
Out of paper detection Via photo interrupter
Platen position detection Via Mechanical switch
Cutter home position detection Via transmissive type photo interrupter
Black mark detection Via Reflecting type photo interrupter
Power supply parameters Head working voltage (V) 24
Logic voltage (V) 5.0
Paper feed voltage (V) 24
Cutter voltage (V) 24
Cutting method Auto cut Full/partial cut (tab left at the center)
Reliability Pulse activation ≥100million (printing rate=12.5%)
Abrasion resistance ≥50km
Paper cut resistance ≥500,000 cuts
Physical characteristics W*D*H (mm) 126.8*91.8*57.5
Operating temperature (°C) 0~50
Operating humidity (RH) 10%~80%
Storage temperature (°C) -25~70
Storage humidity (RH) 5%~95%

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