58mm thermal printer mechanism,

compatible Fujitsu FTP-628MCL103,

low power supply battery drive 8.5V voltage,

high printing speed max 70mm/s,

easy paper loading design.

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Model YC628-103
Printing method Thermal dot line printing
Number of dots/line 384
Resolution (dots/mm) 8
Printing width (mm) 48
Paper width (mm) 58
Max printing speed 70mm/s
Paper feed pitch (mm) 0.125
W*D*H (mm) 70.2*33*15.3
Head temperature detection Via Thermistor
Out of paper detection Via photo interrupter
Platen detection Via Mechanical switch
Operation voltage (V) 4.2~8.5
Logic voltage (V) 3.0 ~ 5.25
Average resistance 176Ω
Pulse activation ≥100million (printing rate=12.5%)
Abrasion resistance ≥50km
Operating temperature (°C) 0~50
Operating humidity (RH) 20%~85%
Storage temperature (°C) -25~70
Storage humidity (RH) 5%~95%

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