• 4INCH Desktop Label Printer Solution
    4INCH Desktop Label Printer Solution
    • November 10, 2020

    With the rapid growth of logistics industries and home express delivery, YoucTech is committed to providing easily operation and efficient printing solutions for global logistics efficiency and consumer users. YCP-110L is a desktop label printer with ultra but powerful printing. It supports label printing of different widths, and can print up to 110 paper widths.

  • The Core Component of Thermal Printer
    The Core Component of Thermal Printer
    • March 18, 2019

    The key of thermal printing technology is the heating element. There is a row of micro semiconductor elements on thermal printer mechanism. These elements are queued in very density, ranging from 200DPI to 600DPI. These elements quickly generate high temperatures when powered by certain current. When the coating of thermal paper encounters the heating elements, temperature rise in a very short time. And then the coating on thermal paper will react chemically and color become visible. When the thermal printer receives print data, it converts the data into bitmap data. And then it prints out contents on thermal paper by controlling the heating element generated from current, as well as dots of the bitmap data. Different Sizes of Heating Element

  • How Does Thermal Printer Work?
    How Does Thermal Printer Work?
    • May 16, 2020

    What is the working principle of thermal printer? There is a so called semiconductor heating element welded onto the print head. This print head heats and contacts thermal papers, then certain images or contents print out. The images and contents are generated by heated and aspired from chemical reaction in the film. This chemical reaction of thermal printing is operated under certain temperatures. High temperature will accelerate the chemical reaction. If temperature is less than 60°C, it takes a long time, even several years, for the paper to become dark. But if temperature is up to 200°C, the printing work is completed in a few microseconds.

  • A Quick Review About What YoucTech Supplies
    A Quick Review About What YoucTech Supplies
    • December 08, 2018

    Xiamen Youcheng Technology is a 12 years' company devoted to thermal printing industry. We have been a reliable supplier mainly deal in: Thermal Printer Mechanism Thermal Print Module Mobile Portable Thermal Printer Pos Desktop Thermal Printer Receipt Billing Thermal Printer Barcode Lable Printer Thermal Control Board

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